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      We specialize in cross-platform solutions and support. We are not only offering an innovative service, but innovation as a service. 
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    Who are Sente Advisors?

    A team of legal tech innovators working together to help our clients make sense of the increasingly complex and ever evolving legal technology landscape. Our combination of skills makes us a powerful addition to your innovation capability.

    More about Sente Advisors

    Always Innovating

    Sente Advisors brings more than 30 years of legal and technology experience to your innovation initiatives. We've delivered projects involving collaboration, automation, document assembly, workflow and decision-making.

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    Rapid Prototypes

    Sente Advisors can quickly develop prototypes using technology that you have already licensed, or technology in our toolbox.  Our process of iteration helps your subject matter experts develop their ideas from simple imaginings to complex solutions.

    A functional prototype helps sell the concept internally, and can show the true value of new technology before you pay to license.

    Tech Stack Analysis
    We can provide a full report on your current tech stack, including how to better use the tools you already have, which new tools may be useful, and how your 'innovation' tools can integrate with other systems and technologies.
    Technology Comparison

    Use our knowledge of legal technology and software vendors to help quickly and honestly assess the best tools to deliver your project and the most appropriate vendors who help deliver your wider innovation strategy.

    Innovation Workshops

    We facilitate workshops on various topics including: 

    • Engineering Knowledge
    • Identifying Innovation Opportunities
    • Developing Prototype Ideas
    • Creating Innovative Solutions with Your Clients
    • Learning the Latest Technologies

    What is Innovation as a Service?

    Innovation as a Service is a new way of retaining access to great legal tech innovators. The "as a service" model gives you increased predictability and guaranteed availability while ensuring we have no incentive to push ahead for a few more hours on non-viable projects. Simply choose the level of assistance your team needs and you'll have complete flexibility to scale.

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