What we do best

    Below is a selection of example projects that Sente Advisors have completed with our clients. We endeavor to leverage technologies that our clients already own as a first option but can prototype solutions in range of tools from our toolbox or elsewhere to ensure the most appropriate, cost-effective, and scalable tools are considered.

    Enhanced Client Portals

    Client portals frequently meet only basic needs such as secure file exchange or presenting bills. We've worked with relationship teams to add chat bots, dynamic dashboards, business development tools and portfolio management to their online client experience.

    Self Assessments

    From Business Associate Agreements to High Risk Travel, our clients have requested solutions to provide their clients with advice on-demand.  Sente has worked with KM teams and subject matter experts to build online tools that offer step-by-step guidance whenever and wherever it is required.

    COVID Response

    Managing staff, locations and compliance during the rapidly changing pandemic has been a challenge for for many clients. We've worked with HR and business leaders to build applications that leverage single sign on and "single click" user interfaces to get updates to and from staff as efficiently as possible.


    Whether you're understanding the documents in a single transaction, a portfolio of matters, or mapping an entire market, we work with technology platforms that can scale with your data set, simplify your outputs and speed up your analysis.

    Regulation Tracking

    When dealing with complex and rapidly-changing regulations like commercial contracts, consumer finance, or real estate, getting timely updates to clients is critical. We've worked with legal teams to understand how their clients consume their updates and simplify the process, for both parties.

    Onboarding Automation

    New hires, summer associates, laterals, temps... welcoming new team members comes with significant paperwork and process. We've worked with HR teams to add automated workflows with client dashboards and e-signatures to make onboarding as simple as it can be.

    If you're trying to solve a problem similar to these then get in touch and we'd love to help accelerate the delivery of your project. 

    If your project is nothing like these we'd especially love to hear from you, prototyping new solutions is what we're all about!

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