At Sente Advisors we believe in clear, simple pricing

    Innovation as a Service gives our consulting projects far more flexibility than traditional time and materials. In cases where a project isn't a good fit for either one of us, there's not an incentive for us to proceed anyway. It also helps with budget certainty.

    All prices are per month and subject to a minimum 3-month agreement unless specified. Annual discounts are available, please contact us to find out more.


    $6,000 per month

    • 1 Project
    • 2 Standing Meetings
    • 1 Floating Meeting
    • Sente Sandbox Access
    • Sente Knowledge Base 


    $11,640 per month

    • 2 Concurrent Projects
    • 2 Standing Meetings
    • 3 Floating Meetings
    • 1 Annual Workshop
    • Sente Sandbox Access
    • Sente Knowledge Base 


    $17,460 per month

    • 3 Concurrent Projects
    • 3 Standing Meetings
    • 4 Floating Meetings
    • 2 Annual Workshops
    • Sente Sandbox Access
    • Sente Knowledge Base 


    Call Us

    Additional concurrent projects are available upon request. Contact Us to discuss.

    A flexible approach

    If you have a project that needs a mix of innovative legal thinking and leading technology platforms then feel free to get in touch and we can tailor an approach that works best for your timeline and budget.