A Unique Flat-Rate Subscription Model

    Starting at $7500 per month

    Price is per month and subject to a minimum 3-month engagement unless otherwise specified.  
    Discounts are available for a 1 year or longer engagement, please
    contact us to find out more.

    • You hire our team for a period of time, not for a specific project.

    • We focus on a single “Priority Initiative”
      • Select a single initiative (or project) to be our priority during the engagement
      • If our priority initiative ends, or stalls temporarily (as innovation projects sometimes do), simply give us a new priority. 
      • If the original initiative starts up again, switch our priority back, or increase your subscription to 2 priority initiatives.

    • A Sente subscription is inclusive of our time, including...
      • Our collaborative Knowledge Engineering capabilities
      • Our holistic Technology Evaluation approach
      • Our unique Solution Prototyping
      • 2 scheduled “check-in” meetings per month, and additional meetings as needed

    • Sente Advisors is a highly experienced and knowledgable extension of your own  team.
      • We have many decades of experience working in Law Firms, Technology Companies, and Training and Consulting Services
      • We have strong relationships with many software vendors and we have access to their tools for prototyping purposes, even before you’ve engaged with them at all.
      • We build real solutions that begin as prototypes and evolve and improve over time.
      • Many of our “prototypes” become fully licensed internal or client-facing production tools.

    Did we mention that we are Band 1 Chambers Ranked Law Tech Consultants for 2021 and 2022?